Hello everyone! The Wattpad Block Party is officially open, and you can find my post--and my giveaway for a signed book--there today! Follow the link here to discover all about the origins of my upcoming September release:


I love Your books. I read all trilogy and i think that this is the best novel in the World ❤️❤️❤️


I read The Girl and the Machine last year and it was such a great read! I didn't know you were on wattpad!!


@tempus_antares I loved your block party post. Can't wait to check out more of your work! All the best xx


@tempus_antares Yes! I'm not on all the time, but I try to put book previews, samples, and short stories up when I can :)


Hey, Beth! I'm Rebekah and I live in NY. I fell in love with your "Across the Universe" trilogy back in middle school. I still love it today. It is fantastic. I think you are an amazing author. 


Hi Beth, I read Across the Universe in 2012 and loved it, and continued to read the rest of the series. Hands down one of my favorite trilogies. My question is, have you heard of the new movie that just came out called Passengers? It has the same premise of your books. 


Hi Beth. I'm Mira and I'm from Malaysia ^^ 
          The book-Shades Of Earth is killin me and I love it. I am your no.1 fans.Tee-hee ^^
          But,unfortunately there's only one book-Shades Of Earth were sold here. Its kinda sad tho that I can't read your current books-Across the Universe and Million Sun bcuz its not even sell here.. T_T 
          If u don't mind,can u post the complete story for both of the Across the Universe series Pleasee.. 
          Tq and sorry for my bad English ×.×


Hi Beth! I just finished your series Across the Universe! I started yesterday... It was ridiculously amazing! I don't know if there's going to be a fourth book, but it wouldn't hurt... 
          Thanks for being an excellent writer!


Congrats to @_fullbrightness for winning the ARC giveaway on my posts about A WORLD WITHOUT YOU! I'm going to have another huge giveaway for writers specifically after the book comes out on July 19, so stick around! :)


Thank you so much for this!! Today was one of the best days I've ever had thanks to you! 

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