You are now trapped.
No! I'm joking...come baaaack

First of all: You are perfect. You are important. You are great.

New Yorker
I'll sell my soul for chocolate....or cookies....or ice cream...basically dessert.
Reading and writing is an addiction
Bilingual (or trilingual, take as you wish)
~I may have watched 90% of shows that exist....and heard of the other 10%.
I listen to all music (kpop, rock, edm, indie)

The whole supernatural cast
& Doctor who
& Arrow
Barry Sloane (revenge fans, do you feel me?)
Andy Biersack
Chance Crawford

Speak to me! I love you all, okay? Okay.
Seriously, don't be shy. Say Hi :).
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    Just chilling with Mulan, and some pink dolphins in Neverland. You know, the one in Narnia.
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Once Upon A Psycho(On Hold Till Further Notice)

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Description: Sylvia Gold had her whole life planned; she was going to go to a prestigious college, date the best man, and have the perfect life. But the event of one night turns her life upside down, sending her to Highlan...


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