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So SINCE you guys are looking at my profile,

So I shall be polite and tell you everything you desire

My name is BENNY and I am 21 YEARS OF AGE

I am from a lovely place called ENGLAND

Which ILOVE more than anything

I am also very PROUD to be BRITISH

I’m also a very EASY GOING person. I like to have a LAUGH. I don’t have too many SERIOUS moments, but when i do it isn’t PRETTY.

I also have a BIT of an ANGER problem

I can be very SKYTZO sometimes.

You don’t want to get in my way when I am.

I can be pretty ruthless.

I also LOVE all things GOTHIC.

I’m not a Goth, BUT I love gothic things.

I’m ALWAYS there for my friends, well I TRY to be. LIFE sometimes gets in my way.

I always get STUCK in the middle of FAMILY FEUDS which I hate being a part of. Its like being RIPPED in half and then SHREDDED into tiny little pieces and then set on FIRE. It really isn’t fun.

Another main thing about me is that I don’t believe in the power of LOVE. It exists, but I believe it’s a load of BOLLOCKS.

It just causes PAIN and makes you VULNERABLE

I don’t just mean boyfriends or girlfriends. I mean the love you have between siblings or friends.

Being hurt by your FAMILY or those you CONSIDER your family.

That is a pain that you don’t WALK away from easily. It TAKES all your STRENGTH
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