♥ I write under a pen name -- Ada Wiam. I'm from Mars. Okay you got me. I am actually from India, but I wish I were from Mars.
♥ I am a self-confessed chocoholic and a bookworm. Can't live without those.
♥ I love reading, next to writing, dreaming, sleeping and of course, like most of my characters, I love eating, as well. I am a lazy procrastinator.
♥ I have an unused electronics and communication engineering degree. I am married and in love, of course with my hubby.
♥ I am a proud Muslimah. If you want to learn about Islam, PM me, you won't regret. And please, don't judge Islam by Muslims. Muslims are not perfect (they are as human as everyone), but Islam is.
♥ I speak Tamil.

Thanks for taking your time to stalk ;) Just kidding. ♥

Ps. The Deal% is out... http://www.crescobooks.com/#!how-i-won-the-love-deal-by-ada-wiam/c1nqw

And write review and help me reach more audience. I depend wholly on you guys... becoz wattpad is the first place I have made so many friends <3

Tata. Peace. Salam.

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A Marriage Proposal

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Description: *‘A week is all that he had to win her or he would lose her forever!’* It was 5 years since her high-school sweetheart left the small town and her love, for the flashing lights of city. And now he was back, with an exotic beauty by his side. Erik...

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puppyjb posted a message to bellasonline
i jst read your book His Appointed Wife ....its awsme....is ther a story about dan or stacie....pllll im waiting....love ur stories
Momi1989 posted a message to bellasonline
Masha Allah!!! I loved your book and it also changed my view towards many things... I, myself, am a Muslim but wasn't a practicing one... it changed now... Allah bless you, you doing a good job :) Asalamu Alaikum
Taay_babii posted a message to bellasonline
I really like the cover to your book, The Interview. If you could just help make a cover to one of my books, that would be awesome. Even if you could just tell me what app you use. Please and thanks.
divergence46 posted a message to bellasonline
      so i heard about "The Deal With Mr.Player" but i cant find it anywhere. did you rename it or delete it? please answer. i love your works!!