Well I'm Australian. I think that's all i need to say. I'm Bloody awesome!

Just kidding. :)

So a little bit about me is my love for my car. i absolutely love my car and as you can probably tell i love cars. it doesn't matter what type as long as it has an engine. From V8 Supercars to old classics which have been restored.

i have only just started writing my first story so don't judge. i have only really started writing it because of my friend @beautiful_and_damned so desperately wanting me write one but since i started i am actually liking it. i prefer to write comedy so if i do write another story it will most likely be comedy because that's what i prefer.

This crazy friend also calls me phoenix so that is why my profile picture is me saving Dumbledore because who wouldn't want to save with Dumbledore. You better be jealous.

In progress:
- Hidden Secrets

Also check out these two lovely people @beautiful_and_damned and @silver_jett

Bek :)
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