~ HI i'm Diana, and yes I believe there is a song written about me by my idols. (;

~ I have something to point out for all of you;

It's Harry and Lou, not Harry and you. Okay? Larry is real and if you don't think so, please keep your opinions to yourself.

~ I'm thirteen but I act like a complete four year old.

~ My dream one day is to become an actress or singer.

~ I finally met the loves of my life on 8||10||13 ♥

~ All these works are mine and all my ideas.

~ I have been in the One Direction fandom for 3 years now and I will never leave.

~ If you ever need to talk you can find me on the internet most of the time(:

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My instagram is: @royaltyniall

My Twitter is: @narrysexfeels << hehe don't make fun of my user.

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If you read my fanfics I'll love you forever! Thank you so much!! xx

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