If you haven't read the new update for Time Shift, go check it out! The next chapter will be up soon :)


You're honestly one of my favorite authors here. I love how you organize your stories. I hope Through Her Eyes can have a physical copy because I've read it for so many times and I'm still quite addicted to it. It deserves more recognition and I adore your mind!  


Hey, I know this is probably a far fetched question, or maybe it’s a request.. but I was wondering if there was a sequel to Through she’d Eyes? Or if there’s going to be? I’ve been going through cancer treatments and reading this and all I’ve wanted is a sequel and to see what would happen. I love this story so much and it’s brought me peace and happiness. But I understand if you have no plans to write a sequel. So, thank you for an amazing story. Even though I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel


Please never delete raccoon, please publish it. I reread that story all the time, and it's a legitimately fear I have that someday you delete your work. Lots of love


Hey, so I'm a big fan of through her eyes and I was wondering if you could do something explaining Camila's backstory in the book. I've been intrigued by it since the first time I read it and honestly every time I come back to it I have more questions, maybe you could add some of Lauren's stories as well. I'm just really interested about their pasts.