**Everyone has a story to tell and I want to read them ALL! **

My name is Baya and I must warn you..

I'm a very expressive reader.. I believe in showing my support for the books I read and enjoy. •• Think of me as your own personal cheering section! . •• (I will drive you INSANE with all the damn comments..I apologize in advance!) ••haha! I definitely believe in leaving votes~ask me how I know that you can run out of votes in a 24 hour period! °°(I believe they told me that we get 100 votes to use in a day and yes...I've ran out, MANY times.( Hey, I'm an avid reader and some books are lengthy and good!) I'm also a COMMENT CREEPER.. I've found lots of great books through other reader's.

°°••°°When an author makes me emotionally invested in their characters, THERE'S NOTHING BETTER THAN THAT!

••°°HEADS UP°°••
I read what I think is good, not what is deemed good by the masses ••°°

°•°I follow authors I admire and folks with interesting bio's and or reading lists. I don't do the follow for follow thing.°•°• I typically follow account's that have at least one reading list with works other than their own. (I'm a weirdo like that ;)

••I'm not easily offended by adult humor and have a twisted sense of humor.. (Think Sophia from Golden girls or Melissa McCarthy)

°• I REALLY love to LAUGH•°
I try to learn something new everyday and I ask a lot of questions.

~I read almost everything as you can see from my reading lists. You will find some SUPERB books by EXCELLENT authors if you browse through them! (Fuller and older lists are towards the bottom..)

If you have something you would like me to read, just let me know. I will at least read the 1st couple of chapters and give feedback.

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I read 300+ Wattpad books per year. This doesn't count poetry and short stories. I'M A READING JUNKIE. I will be doubling that this year. I have a lot of wonderful stuff in my reading lists that I ca...
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