Hey :) I'm Katie. I love rock music and Avenged Sevenfold is my favorite band :D R.I.P. The Rev.  I have tried another story site before, but Wattpad is so much easier to use, the authors are so much nicer, and the colors are less depressing Ha-ha xD I make a lot of grammar mistakes and I'm trying to fix that, so please excuse any bad grammar in my stories, or this x) I'm open to fanning anyone who fans first! Message me if you wanna talk more than just comments!!  P.S. I stole all of the things below from people I have fanned xD

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(X) 4000 reads
(X) 40 votes
(X) 30 comments

Thick and Thin:
(X) 13,000 reads
(X) 70 votes
(X) 70 comments

Ghost Wolf:
(X) 900 reads
(X) 10 votes
(X) 30 comments

Welcome to the Asylum Reads
(X) 22,000 reads :OO
(X) 200 votes
(X) 300 comments

Revenged of the Wounded
(X) 200 reads

Seize the Day
(X) 700 reads
(X) 10 votes
(X) 40 comments

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Alright you first of all, let me apologize. I've seriously let this slip and I haven't written for this site in forever. You all keep leaving comments though, which I am so grateful for, but these co...
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Featured work.

Welcome to the... Asylum?

Social data: 49.5K reads. 1K votes. 450 comments.

Description: What happens when Frank Iero gets sent to an insane asylum for being suicidal? What happens when he meets the bipolar pyromaniac Gerard Way? Or his brother, Mikey Way, whose schizophrenic? Or Bob Bryar the h...


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Seize the Day (Thick and Thin Book 2) [I'm stuck :(]

Seize the Day (Thick and Thin Book 2) [I'm stuck :(]

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It is now senior year for Kate, Sarah, and the A7X guys, and they're still recovering from the surprise...

Blinded (On Hold Again)

Blinded (On Hold Again)

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Lacey has just moved to Huntington Beach California with her new parents. It's been four months since th...

Thick and Thin (Avenged Sevenfold FanFic)

Thick and Thin (Avenged Sevenfold FanFic)

32.2K 293 96

Kate and Sarah have moved to Huntington Beach after both of their families having experienced awful even...

Ghost Wolf (On Hold)

Ghost Wolf (On Hold)

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Melanie is sixteen and is a werewolf. She also has until the end of her junior year in high school to pi...

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