heyy(: i'm Paisley!

OKAY....so heres the deal:

i'm relatively new on wattpad but i love it!

i keep writing so many different books so it gets hard for me to update them all!
i play basketball and field hockey for my school and i love both sports with all my heart<3
i love to write!
i am a PROUD winner of nanowrimo!(:
i listen to music while i write (top songs right now: it girl, mr. know it all, stereo hearts, without you, we found love)
i always write at night...mostly cause i have school during the morning and day, but also because i think at night!
i believe that pomegranate is my thinking food!
i believe that being warm makes me better at writing!
i love the snow, and where i live we get tons!
i love to travel, so i try to incorporate that in my books!(airport mishap and a little of BAATMF)
i love to read romantic, yet funny, books! i like to read the sappy romances, too!
i find a book on here, start it, love it, finish it the same day, and repeat!
i'd really like you to fan me and vote! PLEASEE(:?
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basketballbabe17 basketballbabe17 Dec 31, 2011 03:41AM
@amyourSunshine haha maybe i can put them in google translator or something so they go in english?
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