Barbara Majeski is a fighter. In 2016 not only was her marriage ending, but she also received a devastating blow of advanced-stage colon cancer and was facing six months of chemotherapy. Completely blindsided, she was forced to move on and start anew. The next few months would be the most trying of her life. She was physically and emotionally exhausted and had to summon all her strength to get through each day. However, in the darkest moments, she thought about Steven, his zest for life, and her promise to him as a teenager. She had been given the gift of purpose early on in her life, and what was to follow only proved that everything that happened, all the major shifts and tiny nuances she had experienced, were simply the universe aligning to ensure that she was exactly where she was supposed to be.
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Story by Barbara Majeski
Barbara Majeski by barbaramajeski
Barbara Majeski
Barbara Majeski truly believes in the saying, "the more you give, the more you get." This has been...