Hello, folks! My names Savannah, and I'm a very happy person! I love, love love animals, although, I am NOT planning on being a vet. I actually want to be a pediatrician. I don't usually talk very much, but thats not because I can't talk or anything, its just because I am more observative, then talkative. Also, I don't talk much  because I just don't have much to say to people. I think alot, but I don't really want to talk about pointless things like the weather. I'm much more likely to be zoned, or reading and ignoring the world, then to be talking about stupid little things. :)  I have crazy toe abilities. Yes, you read that right. Toe abilities! I can control all of my toes, its really freaky, Also I can control my pupils. I can my them dilate, and then grow small again on comand. Also creepy, I know...But cool!
I have brown/red/blond hair that is super curly, and has a mind of its own.(Im not kidding, it will EAT my ponytail holders!) I don't really know if I'm tall or not, I guess I'm normal for my age(I'm 5'6), but that might change because I come from the land of the giants! (My uncle is 6'5). I've been told I was strange, but in a good way! Oh, I am a black belt in teakwondo, and I am joining MMA (Mixed martial arts) And, I like dancing, and I love the piano, and the guitar. I have strange thoughts about the world, and stuff.

Sooo...I'm running out of space to type, so thats enough about me.
OH! And, I'm spanish, and have four names. ( I'm only going to type three of them though because, I don't want anyone seeing my last name. (Call me paranoid) :P
So yeah! Love to all!

And May the Odds Be Ever in your Favour (Go Hunger Games.......<3 - And Harry styles--- :P)

-Savannah <3

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