Hello I'm Harriet, and that's about it. Enjoy my crappy stories I wrote when I was 11 if you can be bothered to read them.

Laters guys

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    Come to the dark side.....we have cookies!!!!!,
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balloonofhope balloonofhope Dec 04, 2011 03:23AM
@calck567  it's a day for all the smurfs!!! It's like international hug day but instead of hug it's smurf. International smurf dAy lol. I wish there was one....
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The Desert

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Description: What do you do when you can't remember who you are? Where you come from? What do you do when your kidnapped? When your put in the middle of a desert? What do you do when you have 12 days worth of surplies? And...


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Imagine... if you dare

Imagine... if you dare

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Imagine... Imagine their deaths afterwards... Imagine deseaving yourself... Imagine, if you dare...

Dark Wings, Dark Soul ( Fallen Angel Series)

Dark Wings, Dark Soul ( Fallen Angel Series)

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Angels aren't sent from God. Angels aren't a thing of myth either. Angels are real, their just not from...