file name: Baku.pj []
file name: Kiri.pj []
file name: Iida.pj [.]
file name: Baku-admin.exe[]
file name: Kiri-admin.exe[]
file name: Iida-admin.exe[]
access granted
n4m3: Iid4 73ny4
h3r0 n4m3: In63nium
i wi11 74k3 0v3r f0r my br07h3r 4nd m4k3 my him pr0ud!
63nd3r: m4l3
9uirk: 3n6in3
f4mi1y: br07h3r, m0m, 4nd d4d.
close file? yes[.] no[]
enter file? no[] yes[.]
file name: Iida-admin.exe[.]
nickn4m3: 74y74y
h3r0 n4m3: 7h3 c41m h3r0, P4cify
9uirk: 0r64ni53r. 7h3 u53r c4n r3m4in c41m in 4ny 5i7u47i0n 4nd m4k3 7h3 07h3r p3r50n d3cid3 70 n0t w4n7 70 fi6ht 4nd 7h3y 1053 7h3ir wi11 70 fi6h7.
63nd3r: f3m413
f4mi1y: wh475 i7 70 y0u?
53xu41i7y: 57r4i6h7
close file? yes[.] no[]
enter file? no[] yes[.]
file Kiri.pj
n4m3: Kiri5him4 31ijir0
h3r0 n4m3: R3d Ri07
i h4v3 70 d0 7hi5 45 4 7ribu7e 70 7h3 h3r0 R3d Ri07!
63nd3r: m413
9uirk: h4rd3nin6
f4mi1y: mum(?) d4d(?)
close file? yes[.] no[]
enter file? yes[.] no[]
nickn4m3: 7h33
h3r0 n4m3: 7h3 jud63 h3r0, C470
9uirk: jud63. u53r c4n 533 4 p3r50n5 5in5 4nd d33m 7h47 7h3 p3r50n i5 3i7h3r in0cin7 0r 6ui17y.
63nd3r: f3m41
f4mi1y: i w0u1d 1ik3 70 k33p 7h47 inf0 70 my531f, 7h4nk y0u v3ry much.
53xu41i7y: 57r4i6h7
close file? yes[.] no[]
enter file? no[] yes[.]
n4m3: b4ku60 k475uki
h3r0 n4m3: n/4
i wi11 b3 b3773r 7h3n 4ll y0u 3x7r45!
63nd3r: m413
9uirk: 3xp105i0n
f4mi1y: mum 4nd d4d.
close file? yes[.] no[]
error. restarting.
nickn4m3: 70 m4ny 70 54y.
h3r0 n4m3: 7h3 mi5f0r7un3 h3r0, d347h
9uirk: ???
63nd3r: n0n3, u53 pr0n0un5 7h3y 7h3m.
f4mi1y: n0n3
53xu41i7y: bi bu7 w0u1d pr3f3r 4 6ir1
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