hmmm....about me...

I'm a Wizard ;)
i make magic happen
-I'm 19 :)
-BALLIN' like I'm doe dealin'
-Rick Ross's grunt makes turns me on, no matter how down I'm Feeling, I just put on a Rick Ross song and sing along <3 - I lied, it doesn't.
-I love chocolate cake or anything to do with chocolate
-I could live off it for the rest of my life :)
-I'm Sikh and a proud one
-Although, born and brought up Canadian, I believe that the Indian Government if full of BS
-My goal in life is to go to India, (state of Punjab and city of Dehli) and make a documentary, showing the crimes against Minorities (religious, sexual orientation, wealth and anything really) and how the Indian government flips shit and makes is seem like Sikhs are terrorist -.- ...which is totally NOT true
-I love all different types of music because lets face it, we're teenagers and music is our religion
-When I'm driving, I prefer listening to reggae, so that I can dance in my seat and no need to turn the heater on - again I'm lying, I live in Canada -.- we always need heaters!
-One thing I've learnt by going to uni is, aim for a job after high school, Uni should be Plan B!

and my life story as it goes:
me no study
me no care
me go marry a millionaire
if he die
me no cry
me go marry
another guy ;)
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