Two partners in crime, two best friends yep thats pretty much us.

About us : Just two girls writing some kick ass books, TRUST us son you gonna love them.

About Baby : Before you ask, Yep, Baby is my official middle name, no joke. I say how it is and stay truthful no matter what. Who am I ?? I guess you could say the MORE tomboyish, ruder and sarcastic half of Adele. My life motto ? Take it or leave it and when it comes to me Love me or Hate me.

About Adele: Yeeees before you ask I am the more girlier and sweeter half of Baby. Inseparable partners in crime that's who we are. My life motto ? Be yourself cuz everyone else is taken.
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babybanana babybanana Apr 06, 2012 11:10PM
@MeepyM Are you kidding ??!?!?! I LOOOOOVE YOUR STORY !! And I mean it !!! I'm a such a picky reader when it comes to Historical fiction but your story is exceptional.... I love that fact that its se...
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Survival of the Broken Heart

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Description: It smelled like death and broken heart. While death reached for him with it's thick claws ripping his skin. There wasn't Luke anymore. It was only outer shell of him, death trapped him in it's soul and left me...


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My High School Sweetheart

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His heavy body pressed against my shivering body, made my skin feel like on fire. This is it. Our secret...



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"Her lips found their target. My neck, my chest, my jaw. I was hungry, hungry for her. Like the air...

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