'There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.' - Unknown.
Stories below were made when i was younger, when i still had the time to continue the story. But forgive me for not being able to finish it because i have a lot to do. But i still love you guys! I'll find the time to finish them, i promise. Thank you for staying with me. ;)

Stories Published: (In order)
- Am I Falling Inlove With a Gangster Girl (Complete)
- He's The One (Complete)
-She's My Rebel Gangster (Currently stop)
-She's Mine! (On hiatus)
*Dimitriou Series*
- Kairos
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babaengsuperman babaengsuperman Mar 15, 2015 05:32PM
Sorry if i find it hard to update :( Nawalan ng direksyon yung sabaw na mind ng author ng She's Mine at lumiko kung saan saan :( But donut worry :3 I'm back and we're going to finish this! Hah! Tmrw...
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She's Mine! [BOOK 1 & BOOK 2]

Social data: 304K reads. 3K votes. 258 comments.

Description: Story of (c)TriciaMoseros ONGOING. She's tough. She's hot. She's pretty. But one thing she didn't want anybody else to know, is her identity. A cold and deathly ex-gangster who went to Korea to MOVE ON. But wh...


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She's My Rebel Gangster. *HIATUS*

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He's The One. (Complete)

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One Shot Stories.

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Am I Falling Inlove With a Gangster Girl? (Complete)

Am I Falling Inlove With a Gangster Girl? (Complete)

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Property of (c)TriciaMoseros A story about hope, love and fights! ♥


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Story Reading List