>Thank you so much for dropping.

About Me:
> I'm a believer...yes I'm a Christian..
>Ihave to wear lip balm all the time since my lips tend to dry.
>I'm into movies. (romantic-comedies and fantasy are my favorite genres.)
>I can read on wattpad for 12 straight hours. (i've tried it already so need to be suspicious about it)
>I don't like people who are annoying in an annoying way.. ( o.O )
>I can relate to sorts of people, i don't really care about your age

ayatcharis is my username in both INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER.
Please DO NOT read ARTAVIA and MY LIFE WITH YOU, it's not complete and i don't have time to finish it for now since i need to pursue on finding a job first. Thank you for your understanding.

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    under the skies >.<
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    Mar 04, 2011 03:27AM

ayatcharis ayatcharis Nov 28, 2015 06:33AM
Seeing my last message was having a job in Dubai... Here is some update for you all. I got a jerkball of a boss who is a major racist and eventually did not gave me a working visa after promising me...
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