I am back again in so many words!! 

I believe this is my fifth wattpad account O.o - Why so many?? Because I drop off for so long, run out of ideas and go through the phases of why in the hell would anyone want to read what I write!!! But this time I'm going to stick it through :)

So in a few words - about me
I'm officially an adult now!! It's different.....well not really :P
I'm currently doing the Leaving Cert :( If I'm not dead before the 20th of June it means I survived this torturous journey - barely.
My hobbies include, writing :D, reading (I'm a big freaking reader)((I'm also on Goodreads so if you want to friend me there, ask for the info :P)), photography, and I love animals!! I'm doing an animal care course next year that I absolutely can't wait for!!! :D

And oh ya, my besto on here is @Mishall_A

So that's it for now, bye, bye, bye!!!
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