Consumers have more options for hardwood and specialty woodworking thanks to the product offerings of BuildProud and AWP Wood Products. In addition, the assortment accommodates requests for both common and uncommon items. Nevertheless, the in-house millwright and molding program provides skilled artisans with greater control over the products and customizations requested. This is a significant advantage over the competition in the industry, as the work is not outsourced, resulting in cost savings that are passed on to the customer. It is a significant factor in the 62 percent increase in sales over the past two years and the addition of more than 300 new accounts.

The benefit of the custom millwork program is the superior craftsmanship compared to that of mass-produced, one-size-fits-all products. When requested, the work of an experienced millwright provides a more refined appearance and enhanced functionality. Bed moldings, Cabinet door edge, Chair rail, Door and glass stop, Crown or cove molding, Simulated louver, Lattice, Scribe/shelf edge, and Custom Cabinetry are among the inventory options available through the program.

The BuildProud team collaborates with Salice, Richelieu, and Filter for cabinetry hardware. Each of these companies has improved the functionality of drawer slides and the stability of cabinet door hinges. Nonetheless, the inventory includes veneer, edge banding products, adhesives, Famowood, screws, and adhesives. AWP and its BuildProud division satisfy every demand for hardwood lumber and custom cabinetry.
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