i love it so much when you guys comment, y'all crack me up


I don't really know what to say to help you feel better, but you really need to know that you and your friend are really really loved and although it may not feel like it but you are, we suffer for a reason and I tests us we do need to show love and I promise things will get better for you but everything takes time. Sorry for your loss.


thank you so much x


Good morning/afternoon/evening sweetheart
          I introduce myself, my name is Mary and I write directly to you because I’m interested in translating your story Daddy's Princess into Spanish
          I’m from Latin America and I am fortunate to speak, write and read English, but most people who live in countries that speak Spanish do not know.
          I explained: 
          I read your story and I'm just fascinated and I admit it's weird to write to you this because I'm in fangirl mode right now XD, and I thought "If other people could read it and enjoy what I could feel too, it would be extraordinary and fantastic"
          Going back to the subject, I loved and still loving your story, but I know there are many people who could love it even more, but they are not able to translate what you write in each chapter. And that is why I want to ask you formally and under YOUR conditions to let me translate it.
          To put it in an easier way I clarify some things in case you have doubts:
          -Copyright will be and are TOTALLY YOURS. I don’t plan to steal your story, just translate it. And that is why in the description I’ll put that belongs to only you, nobody else.
          -More people will know your talent. As I said earlier, not all speak or understand English, so your story would be available in English and Spanish versión
          You put the conditions, only you.
          -I will only take the credit to translate it, obviously.
          -If you accept this proposal, I will not stop having contact with you. I don’t say that I will be speaking to you every day, but I will keep you abreast of the progress of the translation. I will not disappear from one day to another
          -Once you have accepted, I will not stop translating until it is complete. I'm not and I don’t like to leave things halfway.
          I really hope from the bottom of my heart that u accept my proporsal n give me the honor of translate one of my favs stories
          I want send u a DM's but I don't know why I couldn't do it, wattpad don't let me :/


that would be amazing! i never thought my story would ever come this far and knowing that someone enjoyed it so much that they would like to translate it and make it available for readers who don't speak english is incredible. i would truly love for you to translate my book to Spanish. ill privately message you so we can talk about the conditions. X