Just a normal fanboy of Troye Sivan. I love writing stories, I am aspiring to be either a teacher, a psychologist, or an author. And I hate sports. I don't know why, but I suck at sports. I also love DotA 2 and that's rare for someone who loves Troye. I have a liking for music, particularly Coldplay and Arcade Fire. I also like Lorde, The xx, Radiohead and lastly, Troye Sivan. 

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What else is there to say? Follow if you have the will to do so, and read my stories if you find you have the time to do so. I'll love you forever if you do read my stories, and I'll love you even more if you tell me where I could improve.

Love y'all and have a good day!

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Watercolor Flowers (a series)

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Description: Venatorians are beings unknown to mankind, right before the remains of their empire struck a devastating invasion against them. Men and women were slaughtered, and it was a time when the color of your pigment...


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Story Reading List

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