lets see:
-I'm eighteen.
-I'm cuban.
-My favorite types of music are alternative, metal and screamo :3 tehehe I like to listen to everything though.
-I love reading books.
-I love to draw :)
-I have a notebook full of crazy ideas ;)
-I'm crazy ;p
-I get super duper hyper :3
-I have a coffee problem! Lol oh lord..
-I can be a huge nerd at times *sigh*
-My favorite colors are black and red xD
-I love chinese food it's awesome :D
-My favorite movies are Inception, Looper, and Star Trek
- My favorite TV shows are Arrow, and Teen Wolf, and game of thrones
-I love animals :3
-I'm Athiest :p
-I happen to have an obsession over chocolate.
-I'm terrible at sports.
-I'm extremely competitive and will hurt you! Grrr :p
-I speak english and spanish and some french :)
-My biggest enemy is math -__-
-Love my babe, Star Wars
(> ^.^)> hugs for my followers/fans/voters/readers
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    Homestead, Florida
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    Jul 29, 2011 03:46AM

audri_dawn audri_dawn Jul 20, 2012 04:03AM
Hi well I won't be able to upload for a while because of internet problems.However if you have a story you like vote on the most recent chapter. The story with the most votes will the one I focus on...
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The Demon Lies Beneath

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