HELLO!!!! I am a fanfiction writer and by profession a biotechnologist. All the content on this account is written by me and they are just mere imaginations and a little bit of inspiration from movies, my favorite ff's, novels etc. The story plots are just a fictions nothing's real. Some stories/books might contain parts from real life.
Writing credits are mine. No one is allowed to copy my content and storyline/plots without my permission. It's a copyright content . All rights are reserved. Idol picture's credit goes to their publishers and respective. The pictures edited by me will also be having copyrights (you need my permission to use them).
This is my very first time writing fanfictions and publishing them publicly through this account. If I am lacking something and my grammar is not good than help me improve myself instead of judging me, because nor English neither Hangul is my mother language. Moreover I am not a professional author so bear with me. I am going to use Korean phrases in some of my stories, but don't worry I will be explaining the meaning in English in () brackets .
The fanfictions/stories/books might contain explicit content, Brutality, Violence, Fluff, Comedy, Romance, Angst, Abusive language and mature content etc . If you have any problem regarding these genres, I will recommend you, don't read them (you can skip those parts and read the remaining story or just don't read at all).
If any of you have any suggestions regarding my work, do tell me in the comment section after reading the chapter's. Keep supporting me If you like my work, because your support is my biggest motivation to write more. Also I will appreciate if anyone is willing to help me improve myself or my work.
Thanks for reading the description. Hope you enjoy my work.정말 고맙습니다 ( THANK U SO MUCH )
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