Name: Kim (Kym actually)
Age: 18 to be

~A fangirl with no regrets.~

Hi! My name's Kim and I write to hopefully inspire people. My current project is The Boy With a Piano which is aimed to be a heart-warming story about a girl fighting with cancer. I love people-watching because that's how I sometimes get my story ideas. I believe that little bits of stories from people can change the world one day.

I've been writing since I was 12. I once wanted writing as a career, but now it'll remain as a hobby for me.

Wanna send me a cover or a banner? Send me a link of it :)
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The Boy With The Piano

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Description: "Someday my prince will come, maybe not in this lifetime as you can see I can't stop my life from ending quickly." A heart-warming story about a former ballerina and a pianist. Charlie claims to live an ordinary life, playing the piano day-in and...

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So as you can see, I haven't update in like two months. Surprise surprise, I'm in college which means I have literally no time at all to write. But I feel bad about that, and I still love writing, I do, so I'll try make an effort to continue my current project. I'll do that in two weeks time when my schedule is less hectic.