Hey guys! This is @KatieBeckett  and @AshleeAlpes2 ! This is our joint account. Fan us and read our new story when it comes out! Love you guys!

Just wanted to say, thanks to everyone who supports us and fans us! It means the world to both of us that we have people out there that are willing to read what we've got.


I haven't talked to Ashlee about it yet, but I'm really hoping to work with her on more than one book. We seem to see eye to eye on most things and we work well as a team. I hope you guys all like what we put out there. We'll be looking forward to seeing what you think! -Katie
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Dreaming of Love (One Direction Love Story)

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Description: Ashlee and I had been planning this party since the first day of senior year. I was excited for one reason, one reason only; my best friend since kindergarten; Niall Horan, was finally coming to see me. He had...


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Story Reading List