Hi Earth people!
I'm Ash your awesome pretty friendly neighbor here on wattyworld. I'm naturally nice to all human and non-human being so don't hesitate to talk to me.

PEPs I know here:

@lilly-rain --> my fav author here

@AlexCullen --> my buddy, he's friend with aliens and experienced period thou he's a guy(said his period is violet colored blood eeeWw)

@v123m17 and @XHeart_PrisonX --> my super Cool friends here!

@gabamelia --> She's my cool meanie proud master. (MPM)
(where are you? don't just disappear!)

@HalfxBloodxSkull --> my most ADMIRE SPAMMER! They're a legend with MPM! (they self-claim it -_-) unbelievably caring

@mygirlxcute --> she's my big sister.She's a devil! She's also a liar.(so don't believe her)

@sweetheart_girl --> moody jerk-face

@Xxaddict_girlxX --> she's a human?

@anneshe --> another human.

@lovelessme --> she's decent.

@abhimanyu20000 ---> another SPECIAL BFF here! (contact me!)

@ShazzaWazza ---> Another, another special person! love you! <3.

@littledevil1219 --> she's plain stupid and rude *roll eyes*

that's all.. thanks for the visit! ^_^
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