Hi Earth people!
I'm Ash your awesome pretty friendly neighbor here on wattyworld. I'm naturally nice to all human and non-human being so don't hesitate to talk to me.

PEPs I know here:

@lilly-rain --> my fav author here

@AlexCullen --> my buddy, he's friend with aliens and experienced period thou he's a guy(said his period is violet colored blood eeeWw)

@v123m17 and @XHeart_PrisonX --> my super Cool friends here!

@gabamelia --> She's my cool meanie proud master. (MPM)
(where are you? don't just disappear!)

@HalfxBloodxSkull --> my most ADMIRE SPAMMER! They're a legend with MPM! (they self-claim it -_-) unbelievably caring

@mygirlxcute --> she's my big sister.She's a devil! She's also a liar.(so don't believe her)

@sweetheart_girl --> moody jerk-face

@Xxaddict_girlxX --> she's a human?

@anneshe --> another human.

@lovelessme --> she's decent.

@abhimanyu20000 ---> another SPECIAL BFF here! (contact me!)

@ShazzaWazza ---> Another, another special person! love you! <3.

@littledevil1219 --> she's plain stupid and rude *roll eyes*

that's all.. thanks for the visit! ^_^
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    Apr 29, 2011 04:30AM
ash_05 ash_05 Jul 09, 2014 09:33PM
@AlexCullen yeah right, as if I believe you. Those are my alien friends. Pfft. Having an out of the world tour is not that great. All you is meteor and lots of craps. Didn't miss ya, not even a bit...
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