Favourite Colours: Brilliant blue and Sunset amber
Favourite Movie: Contact
Favourite Fictional Book: The Bees
Favourite TV Shows: The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons & Doctor Who
Favourite board game: Monopoly
Favourite console game: Super Mario Maker
Favourite computer games: Adventure Quest & wattpad (obviously!)
Favourite animal: Probably a fish of some sort
Favourite sport: Skiing
Favourite chess piece: Castle/Rook
Biggest fear: There is nothing to fear but fear itself.... ;)
Favourite comic book characters: The Avengers, Thanos, Silver surfer
Favourite Dr. Who monster: Weeping angels
Favourite Harry Potter spell: Levicorpus!
Least Favourite Movie: Robosapian
Favourite angry bird: The black one
Favourite instrument: the fiddle
Favourite Text face: :D
Favourite numbers: Tau, Wau, i, Omega (those are all numbers - look them up!)

*Okay... here are some of the things I love:
imagination, pencil drawings, creative writing, trivia, fish, Jesus, my friends and family, italian food, chinese food, indian food, mandarin & Chinese culture, Scandinavian culture and folk music and RIDDLES! i don't know why, I just can't seem to get enough of riddles!

**My obsession is always changing so it's a bit tricky to write a story and stay on the same subject... but I think can handle it!
My current obsession: Linguistics and making up languages to express my nerdiness
("Nīam kaw celoktō c'tang caskrī-yec Mordor-zāthā"; "One does not simply walk into Mordor")

***I'm a Christian--I've believed in God all my life and I dedicated my life to him. Nothing you can say will make me change my mind. But I'll still be your friend even if you believe in something else. :D
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