I love reading romantic stories and listening to love songs.
I'm definitely not a writer, and that's proven. Aha.
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Fly Me To The Moon

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Description: After a year in London, Haley and her family move back to Chicago due to unfortunate reasons. That means going back to the life she left behind.

We're all desperate souls waiting for you to update! :(
      It's been years, and i decided to re-read this, and i'm once again left with a broken heart.
      I mean, imagination of what could happen can only go so far, and would make it less special since everyone else will create different scenarios. Does she end up with mike? What about dalton - is he still gonna be a wuss and not see what's in front of him? And caroline? <- though i don't give two shits what happens to this bitch. How about terry?
      Sighs... there's just too many loose ends that need to be tied up.
      I hope that you're okay. You haven't updated in a while. I was in grade 11 when i started this story, and grade 12 when i last read this chapter... now i'm in my 3rd year of university lol.
      I hope you update sooner - i'm not growing any younger. I hope i won't be the parents'[40s/50s] age by the time you decide to update again haha.