@MonicaPiilua Hahah thank you so much !! And I've updated hope you like it ^^


hello! i know this is random but if you have time do check on my profile. im writing a hanbin ff too heheh. yours is amazing!!!


this message may be offensive
You got me fucked up with the hanbin story like wtf they waited for eachother for years and then all of that shit went down and they didn't even end up together I really love the story but you really got me mad 


hi there, I've gotta say this message gave me a good laugh. I absolutely understand your frustration. when I was writing this, a part of me was yelling at me for writing such an ending, but I just felt it was reflective of that time of my life where good things came to an end, and yes it is unfortunate, but the experiences and memories they have made with each other will forever be treasured. I wished to communicate this message to people. That sometimes bad things will happen, but you will get through it :) 
            But I'm very glad you enjoyed the story, do make sure to check out my other works. Have a lovely day !! Xoxox Aritha


Hey, Your story was a blast! I really thought Hanbin and Chaeyoung would still be together but the plot twisted haha btw do you have any social media account?


Hello I'm so glad you enjoyed the story, I do not currently have any other social media account however I am planning to perhaps begin a tumblr blog but yea that's it wattspad and me


Pls update!!!! Im desperately dying of wats going to happen!!! One my complete favourites!!! Ur plots are absolutely amazing!! So much suspense!! 


@me_inspirit Hellooo im really glad u are enjoying the story ... I am struggling with continuing the FANFIC because of school and also I am having a serious case of writers block !! BUT I WILL ASSURE YOU THAT I AM WORKING ON IT


hi!!! i really love ur ff...hope u will update strungles of liking u..that story give me so much feel...lots of love from meee♡♡♡