Hii~ :D I know the fact that probably no one will even read this so yeahh~ But if you are, thanks for stopping by my lonely profilee~ 
"If I stole your heart & you stole mine, wouldn't that be the perfect crime?"
☼ "A smile is the shortest distance between two people."
☼ "Love is when one person knows all of your secrets."
☼ "No one can ruin your day without your permission."
☼ "Would you notice if I disappear forever?"
☼ "The best feeling in the world is when the person you like, likes you back."
☼ "There is always somebody that loves you. Always."
☼ "When I'm sad, I shove in my headphones and just ignore the world."
☼ "Lately, I've been listening to music more than people."
‎"Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find." ~William Shakespeare
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arisuanime arisuanime Apr 22, 2013 06:59PM
@SnowRose Lol, AGREED. >< 
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