Hello there! I'm pretty sure only a few will read this. But oh well, I'll write it anyway.

My grammar is like super bad and I'm pretty sure most of it are wrong, so please understand :(
But I hope at least you will understand the story.
If you don't understand it, you can ask me :)
Critiques are welcome, but please no harsh words, I'm kind of sensitive lol.
If any of you want to help me with my grammar, I really appreciate it. And yes! Of course I want your help.

@Ethanuel_Johansen16 is my bestie in real life and in wattpad. She is super amazing! She helps me with everything. When I say 'everything', I do mean everything.
@MissAquaMarine97Fan <-- be careful with her, she bites. She's my best friend too and you could see yourself what her username is. I'm seriously touched, I felt like I'm going to cry *sniff*

My favorite author is Cassandra Clare, she is simply amazing!
I love The Mortal Instruments sequel so so so much.

Novel genre I loved the most? Any genre, as long as there is romance in it XD

My favorite color is SOFT BLUE!!! *duh* my username is pretty clear right? haha.

I don't know what to write here anymore
So yeah, this is pretty much what I have in mind.

Thank you for wasting your time to read this. Although there's nothing important here :D
Oh yeah, one more thing! I like to laugh, so maybe in every comment I'll make, there will be so much ':), :D, haha, lol'
And that's it. Goodbye!
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