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di na ata aabot yung kulang ko na 250 


@april_avery thank you for giving us the chance to read SS and TFTBITD ate a! sana TDT rin po may reprint! ✨



Every Autumn Falls is now COMPLETED. If you love reading BL ROMANCE, you might like this one. — Mauv, a gay nerd-overthinker who is good at romanticizing his life by writing novels, but founds himself hopeless in finding true romance of his life when his feelings blossom to Cael, a jock-sweetheart athlete that became his friend. Mauv knew that he has to let go this feeling, because how can he possibly fall in-love to a guy who is straight?
          Every Time Autumn Falls is about teen coming-out story that encompasses choices between love and trauma.
          YOUTHFUL SERIES #1
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