Way more facts about me than you probably wanted:
A phlegmatic, neutral good, ISFJ, Pisces, thunderclaw, aromantic (aegoromantic), asexual, 18 year old girl-

I watch way too many kdramas for it to be healthy

I watch way too many shows in general to have a life

I read books on this website to procrastinate from reading school books like I'm supposed to

I force myself to step away from binging on shows and books to volunteer with a rescue squad and at a hospital

I am in nursing school (don't worry, I do take it seriously and study)

I started college at 16 years old and sometimes I regret it

I can't wait to actually be a nurse to work nights because I am soooo not a morning person

I like breathing in fall air and sweater weather and would rather freeze to death than spend one day in temperatures that feel over 90

I grew up in Alaska and am totally an Alaskan by heart

I now live in a southern state

I am sooo monoligual it's sad, but am currently learning Korean and Mandarin at the same time

That might be why I'm monoligual

I did not want to learn Korean because of kpop, I listened to kpop because I wanted to learn Korean

I fell in love with kpop...but not immediately

I fell in love harder with khip hop and kr&b

I wanted to learn Mandarin first cause my best friend is learning Mandarin, but fell in love with Korean along the way

My first Asian drama was actually in Mandarin

I took Spanish classes for 7 years and can say about 20 different words total

I tried to learn Norwegian when I fell in love with Skam

Unpopular opinion: I really dislike the fact that they made remakes of Skam in other countries (one might have been okay...five? Just no)

I also tried to learn Dutch, Welsh, Latin, French, German, and Russian, but stopped after 2 weeks of each

If I wasn't going into nursing, I would study linguistics

I want to travel to so many countries and live in each place for at least a year to learn their culture
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