*Knock Knock*

Who is there??


Twin who??

Twin open this damn door!!

*Opens Door*

Hello everyone my name is Apurva and this- *gets shoved across the room* and my name is Kiara!! *Apurva stands back up*

And we are twins!! 😂😂

Apurva: First off-

Kiara: Nope its, Howdy Partner *tips hat*

Apurva: *glares* Whatever!!

Kiara: Welcome to the Donkey Town *grins*

Apurva: *shakes her head* First off, we are honored to have you all join us in our little adventure. Aside from my twin, I am delighted to say that we are the most weirdest twins ever seen!! So beware, we may say crazy stuff and still make more jokes about it!!

Kiara: Tsk tsk, now now!! We all know that I am the host here and your just the co-host!! I get the introduction and you just stand!!

Apurva: Get on with it!!

Kiara: Fine!! I am older and she is younger!! Now follow us!!

Apurva: I swear! Why am I even twins with you?!

Kiara: Because I accepted you for who you are and you accepted me for who I am!! Now shush!! *clears throat* Please excuse my twin she has some mental issue!!

Apurva: You are mean!! *stomps off*

Kiara: Ah! Whatever! She will be back!!

*30 minutes later*

Kiara: She always comes back!!

*2 hours later*

Kiara: Twin??!! *go search for her* Good bye to all my guest!! Twin??!!

Director: And cut!! That's a wrap for today's show!! Hope you all enjoyed it!! 😊😊
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Hey guys!! *waves* this is Kiara *pokes in head* and Apurva!! Kiara: Will u shut up??Apurva: Never *smirks*Kiara: Ugh! Anyways just to notify you guys I will be writing a new book here on this acc...
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