Hi, I wrote Lungs and while I’m happy you liked it, I’d rather if anyone wants to read and comment they go on my actual AO3 page to find it. I only let people repost my work if they’re translating it to a different language. If you could please take the repost down, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.


Hiya, love. 
          I see that one of the Author whose works you have posted wants it taken down. I also want to inform you that even by Wattpad's own rules you are plagiarizing. Read the second bullet point in What is copyright infringement. 
          What is a copyright infringement?
          • Posting the copyrighted works of others without their legal consent
          • Posting on behalf of an author and giving credit to them. This is still a violation of copyright and will be treated the same way. Consent is ALWAYS required from the author.
          • Adaptations or slight alterations to a work, such as changing names, copying the events and writing them in your own words, changing character point of views, are a violation of copyright.
          • Using an image that you do not own. This includes making a cover with an image that you do not own the rights to (unless it is in the public domain).
          So please kindly remove all the works you do not have permission to repost. .