Hey! You! Yeah you! 
Welcome to my page here in the wonderful world of Wattpad! Come explore!( I know it's not that interesting now, but it'll get better!)

Little things about me...

I love Disney but not the Disney now, the old Disney is better.
I sorta hate people, but don't be offended! I might like you...maybe
I'm a loner...and proud of it
I hate the idea of a boyfriend, most guys in gerenal annoy me
Reading is my life. That's why I'm a loner
Music is my drug, Youtube is my dealer
I love vitage stuff, they are just so old!
I dont trust Facebook...
I love birds!
I love riddles and jokes
I know all of the songs in the Lion King by heart(Quite proud of that)
I love accents, think they are real cool
I have recently fallen in love with shirts with really funny(or perverted ;) sayings, if you have any, TELL ME!
I really hate these, makes it really akward for both parties, so im going to stop

A Bunch Of My Fav Qoutes And Becuase I have no Where Else To Put Them, Im Going To Put Them Here:
-Intelligent People Never Ask For Anything, They Figure It Out~Death is My BFFLAD
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Description: Hey guys, I really dont expect people to read this not at all. I just feel that sometimes the words in my head geet too much and I just need to type them somwhere. I cant write them, cuz my parents might think I'm over thinking things...but I dont t...

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