Hi, I'm Adriana,

I love to read well it's more like an obsession! Weird story is that I use to hate reading. Maybe be because I wasn't reading the right stories or because I was no good at reading.... I mean I never really had a problem I understood what I was reading but anyway...... My fifth-grade teacher told me to focus on my strength, math, unlike all of my teachers before him and what do you know.... That summer after fifth grade I started to read. I loved it (and now I'm so obsessed). It was twilight, can you believe it. Well, I did watch the movie first but not the point here. I didn't know what I was missing. Anyway, I need to stop, I could just tell you my life story......:)

Well enough with useless facts. I love to read BoyxBoy, anything supernatural, and romance. I like stories to have happy endings and if they don't they better have a sequel., I mean not many people -I would think- read to read about bad endings. I think stories are a way to escape the real world and know what happy ending are about.

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