Hello author~san a new follower of yours had arrived  I really love your books especially "the emperor"  waiting for the next chap cuz it is really hyping me because he's gonna take action ಥ‿ಥ 


Please update ur 2 haikyuu stories ‘emperor’ and ‘last game’ I absolutely love them both. Also ur ‘last game’ story reminds me of the manga last game. I can’t wait for more.


No tienes tradición  al español


@lindawangwang thank you for reading my stories!!!  And about the 'last game', yes you're right. I like that manga and I want to write it with Oikawa as the main character. I thought that their personalities are quite the same. But unfortunately,  I don't know why I felt really bad that I uploaded Last Game with just a change of main character and a little bit different plot. So I'm so sorry that I wont (or I can't) update the story anymore. Sorry to disappoint you... 


I LOVED YOUR "EMPEROR" BOOK!! It's really good and your oc is also an interesting character <3 im excited to see how well this book will turn out and ty for publishing it. i hope you always take care of yourself and ilysm kwheskbd