I've always had trouble writing in these things! but lets see what happens shall we?
ok well to start off he-ey!! :D i'm 16 and full of life, i wouldn't say I'm your typical teen age girl, i actually despise anything girly!! shocker right? but you can blame the lack of girl guidance in my life, i grew up with an older brother and older guys cousins so i'm your all around tom boy, but i'm not afraid to dress up when i have to, it just to muck work so i just don't do it on a regular basis.

I love reading so call me a book worm if you must. And I may also be considered a 'nerd' I guess, I get good grade, what the big deal? Anyways being a tom boy mean I love sports! Soccer and softball are my main sports I play, but I'll play any sports you throw my way, like football, basketball, hockey and tennis are the sports I've tried this year.

But I also have a creative side. I love LOVE music, it's the one thing I will always look forward to listen to in a day. i play piano and guitar, I'm not the best but slowly getting better.
bands I like:
All Time Low
The All American Rejects
Escape the Fate
and a lot more but that's just some

I'm random, fun, and I'm not one to judge because why would i judge when I don't want to be judged? I hate when people do that!

Well this is all i can think of for now so message me if you want to know more, or you just want to talk, I'm a great listener! :D
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What is love?

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Just plain and random

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Just plain and random is just that, there random poems that I have written expressing my feelings.

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The Girl in the Mirror

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just a poem tell me what you think

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Forever on my own. Or so I thought

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