Sometimes life sucks.  Sometimes life sucks a lot. Right now, my life falls under the A LOT section.  To the many of you wondering about Matta and Sarah....yeah, i will get to it. Hang tight.


@anakelia welcome back....I have missed ur writing....hope u would start writing soon.


Your alive!!!! That's all I needed to know!!! I've been a fan and follower for YEARS I can wait!!! 


@anakelia im just glad you are ok and well and back. You dont understand the joy i felt seeing it updated welcome back girl you have been dearly missed


Omg, I am back on Wattpad and I see you've completed your book, The Heir. Congratulations!
          I'm not sure if you remember me, but I was active on WattPad about 8 years ago, and I knew you as peanutty11 XD
          I'm seeing a lot of people wondering where you are. I hope that you are doing great. Hope to hear from you soon!


Shes been inactive since almost feduray of this year, I dont think any of her stories will be updated 


Hey! cool book .I am following you surely.and love the way your story goes


I loved ‚the Heir‘ and I love your style of writing. I know that life sometimes plays tricks on us. I hope you are doing well. Greetings from Germany :)


Hey @anakelia I love your stories. And I'm currently crushing on Matt and Sarah's story. It differs from those typical werewolves stories and I'm prettay sure once you complete it, it'll take the watt pad world by storm. Seriously 'The Scorned Mate' is one of my favorites, so please, pretty please with a cherry on top keep updating. 

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