I am a friendly person who makes friends in the weirdest way, I'm laid back and you'll never find a person as crazy as me. I don't like people in my business so I don't get up in theirs, I'm the type of person to go to for advice. I'll talk to you even if I don't really like you but if the feeling is mutual and you like to look problems with me even if I don't see you, ill stay far from you. I tell the truth even if that's not what you wanna hear and it hurts your feelings but I never hurt people intentionally otherwise.
I love everything supernatural and I loooooovvvvveeee Fifty Shades and Jamie Dornan is my boo along with Ian Somerhalder, Fransisco, all the guys in teen wolf, Stephen James.......yh I could go on
but that's really it.....oh am also Jamaican .
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