Some useless facts about me:

- i LOVE to give compliments :D it makes me happy

- i am a Wiccan/Pagan and i do get a lot of questions about it so i am putting up a sort of guide *slash* spell book to help all of you young Wiccans out there!!

- i think snakes are sooo amazingly CUTE! i have a pet snake called Arrabella

- i hate ants, i am terrified of them! and shut up random person who is teasing me for loving snakes and hating ants... let me just tell you this, ants are EVIL!

- one of my goals in life at the moment is to be the kind of person who can always be counted on to make your life just that little bit more exciting.

- i am oBsEsSeD with ZOMBIES! sorry in advanced for starting the zombie apocalypse (i know i will)

(T.V) Supernatural, Doctor Who, Teen Wolf, Sherlock, The Vampire Diaries, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones,
(BOOKS) Uglies, The Thirst, The Hunger Games, The Host, The Road

Covers are from some Amazing wattpaders:
"klaus is my grandfather" :
"Kidnapped" :
"Badass Angel" :
"Galaway Forest":
"Modern Day Spies":

okay so ill stop talking now, if you managed to read all of it, YAAAY!!! you deserve a gold star! but if you just skipped to the end than i hope ants eat you. mwahahaha!!! <- that was my evil laugh
Blessed be.

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amethyst_green amethyst_green Jul 16, 2013 02:16AM
@megygirl i actually get asked these questions a lot, so your not alone. in my opinion it is fine to believe in two different religions because it is YOUR belief and only you can choose what to put y...
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Let me explain... I died. No I'm not a ghost, or poltergeist, or a vampire. I am an angel. But my untimely death left me with a bad attitude and an urge to punch things... so i became a cage fighter. Will my new fo...
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