I was interviewed by the wildly talented @krazydiamond as part of her 31 Days of Author Madness. Check it out! 


@amberkbryant kitten therapy is a fab idea. Great interview. :)


hello amber. i've signed up to your mailing list but I still dont get the story. Can you help me?


@saciiil Hi, sorry for the delay. I am going to send out the newsletter to new subscribers today or tomorrow at the latest. I'll check back in with you to make sure you received it :)


A note to my young followers: 
          I am so heartened by Generation Z. This isn't new--I've been impressed by your voices for a long time, but listening to the brave and impassioned young people speak up from amidst tragedy in recent days has solidified my admiration. 
          Don't believe a single negative word spoken about your generation from those of us coming before you. You are our brightest light and you will burn for a long time to come. I believe in you.


@amberkbryant  I wholeheartedly agree with you.  :)


If you've already signed up for my new mailing list, thank you so much!!! I'm overwhelmed by the support. 
          I intended on sending the first newsletter out on Valentine's Day but due to another deadline, it looks like it will drop a few days after that...
          If you haven't signed up yet, there's still time!


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@amberkbryant hello. I've tried to sign up but I'm having issues with it. Please help me with my direct email 
            I can't wait! Thank you

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