Facts about me:
1) my name is Amber Jane Videbeck but u can call me Raven
2) i am a heteromantic asexual aspie
(that sounds complicated but it's not, literally just google it)
3) my favourite colour is purple
5) i'm 16 years old
6) i like trains. *gets ran over by a train* (most of you get the reference xD)
7) i'm addicted to chocolate & cake
8) i'm obsessed with astrology
9) i'm random as hell
10) i live in New Zealand 🇳🇿
11) my invented word is chazzi
12) my star sign is Leo ♌️ (25/07/2003)

██ 10% Beautiful
███ 20% Friendly
████ 30% Rude
█████ 40% Fangirl
██████ 50% Egotistical
███████ 60% Socially Awkward
█████████ 70% Crazy/Weird
██████████ 80% Shipper
███████████ 90% Animal Lover
█████████████ 100% Writer & Reader

Any Shawn Mendes/Harry Styles/Taylor Swift Song
◂◂ ► ▸▸ ↻

◻️ Single
◻️ Taken
☑️ Mentally married to Shawn Mendes/Harry Styles

I have no friends. I have no life. So leave me a message any time.
That sounded like it should be in a rap. You hear that, Eminem? Watch out. Amber the rapper

But if u messaged me asking me to check ur story out, i'll pretty much ignore u. Sorry =/

That's basically it sooo follow me. I'm most likely going to have zero followers anyway so eh *she says while looking at her 1K follower count* (sooo humble)


Burning out someone else's candle doesn't make yours shine any brighter.

Stars can't shine without darkness.


I'm basically a celebrity except the fame, the good looks, and the money.

Also, my mind is so dirty that it needs to be cleaned with a mop and bucket of holy water.


❝ E M A I L❞ ⇨ amberjane.raven@gmail.com

❝ I N S T A G R A M ❞ ⇨ amberjane.raven (link below)

P.S: I promise that I'm not on drugs (or am I, you got no proof)

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