Amber Massey is a mother of five and a firefighter's wife in Dallas, Texas. Amber has been blogging for nearly 15 years and started her Instagram account when she was pregnant with her first (and second!) set of twins. Amber's platform has organically grown over the last 9 years into a community of women who frequently seek her out as a source of encouragement to find the fun in marriage and motherhood, all while offering up product recommendations and always having the best discount codes! Amber earned a degree in Nutrition Science and went on to complete her dietetic residency before working in a variety of fields such as clinical, sports medicine, private practice, and even becoming a personal chef, writing thousands of healthy recipes over the years. Amber decided to stay at home after having her fourth child and focus on her family about four years ago; during that time, her Instagram (@masseya) exploded into the platform it is today and continues to grow.
  • Argyle, TX
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