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Heeeello, people! I hope you enjoy your stay at this shoddy, family-friendly tavern of half-baked stories and attempts at them. Andrew (the guy who just so happens to own this blog) is not the sharpest tool in the shed, nor is he skilled enough at metaphors to stop himself from using overused ones. Regardless of how incompetent he may be, he tries his best, and sincerely hopes that you will enjoy reading his random flights of fancy and occasional actual narratives. He keeps this blog for the sole reason of sparing his poor head the clutter of all of his unused ideas, and actually putting down his crazy thoughts on paper (well, digital paper).
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Story by Mellow Marshmallow
Imagination Station by amateur4hire
Imagination Station
The craziest, not-so-crazy ideas you'll ever read; a mess of newborn ideas growing up into short stories (Upd...