Im Amani and i am one of the most random people i have ever met. EVER!
And i like........... cats. jk, cats are evil 0.o o.0
Only true friends will know why my username is amanihoot :P
I like to read and draw. i believe you can only get better. i also believe pizza is a vegetable, but thats besides the point.
Long story.
Speaking of stories, i really like Johnny Depp. Well he doesn't really have any thing to do with stories, but......... DONT JUDGE ME. i have a really over active imagination thats why im going to start writing stories.And ending!!!!................................................. THE BROWN MOOSE GOES MEOW UP THE CHOCOLATE CHOO-CHOO TRAIN!!!!
i should totally make a story about that.
i stuck at spelling, its really sad. fluffy chickens
If I know you and your reading this, STOP
There is no point of writing that, it's already the end,
"My favorite color is Potato" - Brick
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    Spring, Texas
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    Nov 15, 2010 02:45AM

amanihoot amanihoot Jun 11, 2012 04:42AM
            D: ima miss ya tutu Nikki 
            BABY FARTS
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