Hey everyone, decided to post my new poems on this account. I changed my account name to @alyssangranato instead of @butterflyonharry. I will still always be leaving "The Nerd Who Stole My Heart" up. Thanks guys, love you.


I LOVE YOUR POEMS Im in LOVE  please write more  (and if u dont want to you dont have to but) i just started Wattpad and wrote a book . Could you plz read  ' Sparks' and tell me about any improvements that are needed? Thank you soo much
          Keep writing


Thank you everyone always for the support. I've decided to finally pursue my love for poetry. Lately, I've been writing a huge amount of it and sharing it with family and friends. I'm even hoping to publish a book with a collection of them all. I'm starting this online on my new account @granatoalyssa. My writing style is very deep and I find direction in eerie types of writing and also poems surrounded around the themes of love. I'd be so happy if you guys checked out something I'm finally proud of. So check out "Tales of Love, Melancholy, and Horror", love you guys. <3


I just finished reading TNWSMH and it's such a beautiful book thanks so much for creating it i cant believe its over *sobs*


i think on "the nerd who stole my heart" a great theme song is dont let me go the one harry sang  amazing writting btw i love it!