hi.. long time no talk :)


@alyloves1direction aly yaay wb we missed you so much!!! :)


@alyloves1direction hi hey!!! you going to write more fanfics??


Hello love x I'm sorry to be a bother but I was wondering if you could please have a look at my books "I'm Not Good For You" and "Click, Click", whichever you prefer, it would mean a whole bunch to me. Thank you so much x

          Hey Aly, I am new here but I have read your story " The boy who saved my life" and I love it. 
          The link given above is of my account on Quotev.
          I will be grateful to you if you see my account and check my story . I need your advices.


Hey (I love 1D too and hope they come back)
          I just re published The Bad Boy's Secret and didn't know if you were reading it or not. But if you weren't, it is a H.S. book and so far has 25 chapters.
          Please share if you enjoy it
          Thanks a bunch!


maybe write an alternate version of "Dear Harry" where he lives? i enjoyed the book so much but i would definitely love a version where he lives lol! keep writing, your books are amazing! 


I read "Dear Harry" and I must tell you it was just perfect. The way you described everything just raised a swirl of emotions in me...I predicted that Harry would die but I secretly wished he wouldn't...but that was the plot I get it and it was awesome..❤❤

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